Research Services Offered

Proposal Preparation

The key to receiving a funded project is an excellent proposal. Having served as a proposal reviewer for a number of National Science Foundation programs and been a part of teams that have won millions of dollars in NSF funding, I understand what is involved in writing a winning proposal. It requires a solid theoretical foundation, a detailed data collection strategy, a qualified project team, an evaluation plan, an appropriate budget and timeline, and a plan for disseminating outcomes to the community. As a research partner, I will contribute to all elements of the proposal.

Institutional Review Board Interaction

I am fully certified in the ethical conduct of research in social science settings through the CITI Program. Research projects with human subjects will generally require IRB review. Data collection activities will always maintain a high ethical standard, including informed consent and maintaining participant confidentiality. Preliminary IRB review is also generally required at the proposal stage. I will assist with or manage the IRB process as necessary for your project.

Data Collection and Analysis

The type of data to be collected will be appropriate for your project. I have extensive experience with qualitative methods such as interviews and focus groups, which can help explain quantitative data or observed phenomena. I also design surveys which can collect data from larger groups and be administered to track changes over time. Analysis will be undertaken with best practices for qualitative and quantitative data.


Once research data are collected and analyzed, I will help to get the findings out to the community through journal publications and presentations at research conferences.